Drive Clean (updated with video)

I’ve been working on this one for a while – big data crunch on the back end, but conceptually simple. TV piece coming up –

UPDATE: Here’s how it looked on TV:

Mapping RRSPs

I’m late to posting this; I was at the NICAR conference in Baltimore, perfectly summed up, in the end, by Matt Waite:

Every one of the speakers? Volunteer. All of the hands-on teachers? Same. Did you talk to someone in the hall? Grab a speaker after to ask them a question? They almost certainly stayed right there and answered your question, right? I can remember time after time of Big Name Journalists From Big Name News Organizations dropping everything and showing me how to do something. I can count scores of times where they gave me a business card and said call me if you run into trouble. That generosity amazed me. Inspired me. Made me want to do the same.

That culture extends outside of the conference. The NICAR-L listserv has been helping people every day for 20 years now. Get on it. Not comfortable with that? Email the teacher of your hands-on class. You’ll be amazed at how generous they are. Meet someone at the conference? Email them.

Ask for help, and help will be there. I promise. It’s part of being in the tribe. You do not have to do this yourself.

While I was away, we published out a series of map-based stories based on tax data on where Canadians do, or don’t, or can or can’t afford to save for retirement, broken down by census tract. The data shows, worryingly on one level, unsurprisingly on another level, that most working Canadians can’t afford to save a meaningful amount of money in RRSPs.

Global Toronto and Global Winnipeg turned their local data into a story for broadcast.

Two stories and a blog post today

We’ve been getting through a backlog: