Catchup post

Catchup post

This is one of those data stories that doesn’t look like one – it started with our questions about a line in a spreadsheet, which moved on to an ATIP request.

Catchup post

Our immigration series

So this is the story, part of a series mostly about immigration detention (also about paying failed refugee claimants to leave the country) which I’ve been working on for some time now. Liam Maloney’s still images and video add a great deal. Broadly the series is about what Canada does with unwanted people, mostly failed refugee claimants – dark, strange things in some cases. It’s a number of things. One is: quite disturbing; another is: the most ambitious investigative project Global’s online team has done up to this point from its own resources.

Leslie Young’s story about deaths in immigration custody, and the secrecy around them, is also worth a look.

Canada’s non-citizens paid to leave, jailed without charge, die in secret
Jailed with no charge, no sentence, no oversight
Canada pays thousands of Roma to abandon refugee appeals, leave country
Deaths in detention: CBSA’s fatal failure to learn from its mistakes


Election aftermath catchup post

We plugged poll-level voter data from last week’s Toronto’s municipal election into demographic data from the 2006 census (the most recent, reliable long-form census) and income data from 2011 tax returns. The result: fresh insights into the city’s political tribes. Each dot represents a poll; the colours correspond to plurality winners by poll.