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Imagine if you took the historic records of everyone who died in the first world war. Then you matched them to one area to see how it had been affected. Or if you wanted to see if one part of your city had an epidemic of bedbugs. Or if you wanted to find out where the most guns are. This is the work of data journalist Patrick Cain, quietly and methodically producing strikingly interesting maps of his home city of Toronto. It’s the pinnacle of what data journalism is supposed to be about.

Simon Rogers, The Guardian

Some media companies … are consistently producing good maps that are both visually engaging and educate readers.The Toronto Star’s online iteration produces maps using a combination of the Google Maps API and layers, tools that anyone can pick up and learn. What makes the Star exceptional is its chosen subject matter and the simplicity in which complex data is presented.


As a public health and medical reporter, I’m always looking for sites that use new technologies in ways that illuminate these topics. As far as newspapers are concerned, I’ve been mostly disappointed on this front. I see a lot of database-driven interactive features on meth labs, homicides, and severe weather — but not much on disease outbreaks or other public health concerns. … But at long last the Web site of a major daily paper has satisfied my yearning — and it’s so cool! … It’s very nicely done.


Why Doesn’t Every Paper Have “Map of the Week?”

I’m sure many readers know of the Toronto Star’s regular feature “Map of the Week.” It’s put together by Web editor Patrick Cain and covers all kinds of topics for the Greater Toronto Area that are not necessarily related to stories in the paper. He even includes a “Nerd Box” to share some of the tech and presentation issues he faces. … Why doesn’t every paper do this? … This has got to be a lot of work and the commitment to one a week is impressive. Great job!

All Points blog

One of my favourite newspapers is The Toronto Star, mainly because of Patrick Cain’s Map of the Week column.

Google Maps Mania

The Toronto Star has long been a global media innovator when it comes to using the Google Maps API. Web editor Patrick Cain writes a weekly column called Map of the Week, which invariably includes a useful Google Map mashup illustrating one aspect of Toronto life or local news.

Google Maps Mania

For those into crime maps … the Star has posted a whole bunch to their excellent Map of the Week blog.


When it comes to Toronto’s neighbourhoods, even well-versed out-of-towners have probably heard of Rosedale, High Park, the Annex, and the Beach. But Amesbury? Alderwood? L’Amoreaux? All those neighbourhoods and dozens more are now being named, shaped, and reshaped by the Star’s continually great Map of the Week blog.