Maps, here and elsewhere

  • We map 700-odd houses which would be sold off under a Toronto Community Housing proposal.

  • In the aftermath of the Newfoundland and Labrador election, a set of three maps showing the distribution of votes by party. Newfoundland’s base geography was very complicated to work on, unlike Saskatchewan’s, which I was working on the previous day. I was trying out the possibilities of the map widget that Nathan Arnold designed for our CMS. The three maps (actually three alternate views of each of three maps) all draw on the same two tables in Fusion Tables:

  • The CASA blog rediscovers the fascinating Soviet military maps of Western cities. The image below is of central London. If memory serves, Soviet military intelligence officers mapped Halifax and Montreal in 1:25,000 sheets, but not Toronto. The UK ones were copied to a certain extent from the Ordnance Survey, but were also ground-truthed – there were things omitted from the OS maps that were included on the Soviet ones. More here The maps were found in the 1990s in an abandoned warehouse in one of the Baltic states.

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  • And at has a data visualization looking at UK real estate prices and distance (in minutes travelled) from London .
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