A post-election data visualization roundup

The visualizations came fast and furious last week – here is an attempt to catch up.

First, two depictions of Ontario’s worst-ever voter turnout. It turned out to be very straightforward in Fusion Tables to set up the historical data beforehand and slip in the current number quickly.

There are two ways of doing this graph: a simple line graph and the time line that Fusion Tables provides. There was some discussion of which is better.

I had the riding geography set up in Fusion Tables, which made it very simple to map voter turnout the afternoon after the election when the data became available. I didn’t have time to draw the polygons along shorelines instead of water borders, so (for example) Trinity-Spadina stretches out into the lake to the US border. Given a bit of time, this kind of thing isn’t hard to fix in Google Earth.

Turnout by riding, October 11, 2011 

We also looked at the relative collapse in Green Party support in Ontario compared to 2007/2008:

Green votes in Ontario provincial elections, 1985-2011 




Source: Elections Ontario.  


Green votes in Ontario in federal elections, 1997-2011 


Source: Elections Canada 

As noted below, we were able to write about donations made during the campaign period before it ended. I’ll come back to this in a couple of weeks.

Also, I think developer Nathan Arnold’s election-night interactive compares very well to the alternatives. (link, link)

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