Mapping driver misbehaviour in Quebec

Colleague Leslie Young published a map package just now on various kinds of lawlessness on the part of Quebec drivers.

The data came from the Quebec public auto insurance body (Societé de l’assurance automobile de Quebec). The nice thing about driver misbehaviour (for a journalist) is that it tends to be well-documented, and the nice thing about public auto insurance (for a journalist) is that the data is FOIable. The maps themselves may not surprise people who have spent any time in Montreal:

According to a Global News investigation, Montreal drivers receive proportionally more citations for running a red light than anyone else in the province of Quebec.Montrealers have a reputation across Canada for being aggressive, dangerous drivers. Their fame has even spread internationally – in 2004, the US state department issued a travel advisory warning tourists about Montrealers’ habits of tailgating and changing lanes without a signal. It also expressed concern about Canadian drivers frequently running red lights.

Leslie noticed that the base geography (Quebec municipalities) reflects the Quebec side of the Quebec-Labrador boundary dispute, spilling over the conventional border of Labrador.

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