Toronto’s worst pedestrian intersections

A project I’ve been working on for a while came out last night – a list of Toronto’s most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in relation to pedestrian traffic. This is a much better way of looking at dangerousness than just counting accidents by intersection, given that foot traffic varies so much. (Hacks and Hackers Toronto got a preview of this project a week or so ago.)

Inevitably, the worst pedestrian intersections are on major suburban arterials, in a landscape designed for cars that many people navigate on foot.

The story package ended up with a surprising number of bits and pieces. Colleague Leslie Young interviewed planners who explained the design issues that make suburban intersections more dangerous for walking.

Next, the maps. I can’t really improve on Dylan Reid’s interpretation of them at

Toronto’s 100 worst intersections for pedestrians

Toronto intersections: Pedestrian safety ratings

Pedestrian traffic at Toronto intersections

Next, the TV piece that spun off from the maps:

And some (much less polished) video I shot of Spacing’s Dylan Reid at the worst intersection, Markham Rd. and Tuxedo Court, just south of the 401 in Scarborough. It’s the first video I’ve shot in years, but we had fun with it. We couldn’t have scripted the last few seconds:

We’ll be open-sourcing the original data later on today.

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