Maternal age

  • Map: Average age of mothers giving birth, 2007

    This is another map that draws on my store of 2007 birth data, this one showing the average age of the mother in births that year by FSA. I’m glad I redid this map in a way that shows all of south-central Ontario and shows wider regional patterns than the cruder version I produced for the Star in 2009 was able to.

    Of the 254 postal codes on the map, 18 of the 20 oldest are in the 416, while the 20 youngest are split between Hamilton, Niagara (Welland, St. Catharines, Fort Erie), Durham/Northumberland (Oshawa, Port Hope), Penetanguishine and Orillia.

    In Toronto, maternal age closely tracks the income map, with the Kingsway and the high-income spine along Yonge St. showing average ages over 34. The low-income neighbourhoods that run up Black Creek Drive and the 400, a large chunk of Scarborough, and Thorncliffe Park have lower average ages.

    Hamilton/Niagara postal codes have consistently lower maternal ages than Toronto:

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