More ward-level maps

A final set of maps breaks down the three front-runners by ward.

Rob Ford:

This map shows another urban boundary, along the CPR tracks in the west end and the Danforth in the east.

George Smitherman:

Joe Pantalone:

The next step is to try to put together a poll-level results map, a complex job that may take a while.

btt: Torontoist’s comment thread is worth a look.

2 thoughts on “More ward-level maps

  1. Is this a preview of Toronto voting in the next federal election, with Ford’s vote going to the Conservatives?

  2. Thanks for contributing this content, but I am always dubious drawing conclusions from maps where the range of values are not represented in a legend, let allow how the breaks of the ranges are calculated. You touched on people wanting to better understand the nuances of voting patterns in the States, beyond red and blue. The same goes for most of these maps.