Ford vs. Smitherman by ward

The City published a large amount of election data down to the poll level today. I can do a lot with it, but here is a map to get things rolling: Ford support vs Smitherman support by ward. I know I’m inverting the convention of the red vs. blue maps that started being produced in the U.S. after the 2000 presidential election, but red for Ford and blue for Smitherman doesn’t work in a Canadian context.

Some more nuanced maps will follow.

One very striking thing that immediately stands out is that Smitherman’s support was concentrated very severely in the pre-amalgamation City of Toronto and East York. Here is the same data with the old city limits shown:

2 thoughts on “Ford vs. Smitherman by ward

  1. Patrick – I’ve missed your work. Thrilled to stumble on this site.

    Can I suggest one more election map: change in voter participation from the last election.