Magazine capacity – a do-over

I wasn’t happy with the way the component of our series on gun control loopholes on magazine capacity (how magazine limits for centre-fire semi-automatic rifles have shifted from five rounds to ten, then 15) came out, back in January – I thought it was the most important part of the package, but it got the least reader interest, and I could see why – it was basically a picture of a grey steel box with an explanation.

So we put our minds to the question of how to tell the story better. The answer seemed to be props – a mixture of showing and telling – so I bought two magazines and two sets of inert dummy rounds, 20 of 5.56 and six of .50 Beowulf. Then we set out to explain the story with a mixture of text and video, aiming the explanation at readers with a very basic or no knowledge of firearms.

We ended up with four videos embedded in the story, aimed at physically demonstrating how the loopholes work. I think it worked a lot better than the original, though it became obvious that I haven’t done a lot of video, and hadn’t filled a magazine in many years (IIRC since the summer of 1994).

The story is here.

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