Interactives show 20 years of Ontario childbirth trends

We connected StatsCan and Ministry of Health data to show trends in birth in Ontario over a 20-year period: teen pregnancies, which had been falling for years, stabilizing*, abortion data showing that the trend isn’t related to access to abortion but reflects, as far as we can tell, the number of actual teen pregnancies, fewer women in their 20s and more in their 30s and 40s giving birth, and maps and a scatterplot graph showing the complex but definite link between women in their 40s giving birth and family income:

* In fairness, if they had continued to fall at the rate seen until 2004, there would have been none at all by 2019 or so.

This graphic uses a Google map integrated in Tableau, something that to our surprise works just fine. The only downside to doing it this way, as opposed to using Tableau’s own maps, is that the data on the map isn’t wired into any other features of the infographic.

Here’s how it looked on TV:

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