Valentine’s Day at the Investigative Data Desk

For Valentine’s Day, we offer what could best be described as an unflinching look at the holiday, mapping single people by postal code, looking at whether the week around Feb. 14 is auspicious for baby-making based on birth data (it depends on the province, but February doesn’t seem to be prime time, though in Ontario it’s higher than the rest of February, or the first three weeks of March, and in BC you’re more likely to start a pregnancy in the week around Valentine’s Day than any other week between January and late April) and – this is the unflinching part – a look at STI rates by postal code in Ontario and British Columbia.

Under the hood, there are two new things in Tableau we’re trying out – larger images as a way of introducing a graphics package (we figured out we could do this from an interactive on homicide in Guatemala, and wiring Google Map maps into Tableau, something it only just occurred to us we could do.

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