Mapping the 2011 census (2)

We’re continuing to mine the fresh census data for story/interactive possibilities:

1) Co-worker Keith Robinson had the great idea of mapping the LRT routes that Toronto council backed in a dramatic vote last week on top of the fresh census data, specifically the tract-level density map. It sheds light on the appeal of the Finch route in particular.

Despite launching on a Friday evening, it did well on Twitter. (Topsy, btw, is an excellent tool for tracking links sent out into the Twittersphere – it understands the connection between a shortened link and the original link).

Click on the image:

2) We ranked all 5,000-odd census tracts by density. Seven of the ten densest census tracts nationally were in Toronto (the densest was St. Jamestown) but what was surprising to me was that the highrises along Yonge between Finch and Sheppard form the second-densest neighbourhood in the country.

The intensity of development embroiled Toronto school board officials in controversy recently, as they changed school attendance boundaries to try to find space for the neighbourhood’s children. Hundreds are bussed outside the neighbourhood.

Click on the image:

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