Drive Clean (updated with video)

I’ve been working on this one for a while – big data crunch on the back end, but conceptually simple. TV piece coming up –

UPDATE: Here’s how it looked on TV:

Interactive: Teachers’ sick days

Peak on Fridays (except if it’s a PA day). Story link in the tweet:

UPDATED: Here’s how it looked on TV:

Quick updates by tweet

Out today: a story/interactive package on seasonal variation in pedestrian accidents in Toronto, which climb through the fall along with growing hours of darkness, peak in late November and then fall (although it stays dark for months) – we look at why. We use a Tableau interactive calendar, a tool I’ve found more and more use for.

A quick morning-after look at the Liberal by-election victory in Toronto Centre, with an interactive showing voting history in the riding going back to 2004, the first election there in the current boundaries. The striking thing, for me, was the evaporation of Conservative votes (also seen in Brandon-Souris, a very different riding.) Does this offer clues to the next federal election? I guess we’ll have a chance to find out.